18th April – Meeting My Boss

18th April – Meeting My Boss

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In 3 hours I will be meeting my boss for my laptop handover and lunch….. Thank you Jason and all at Red Sea Holidays for all that you have taught me. To each and every person, friend and colleague that has supported me in the travel industry since 1987, I thank you…. It’s a sad day, but a new tomorrow.  A career I never thought I would undertake in a million years.  I wish I was not, for all t…he right reasons and I wish with every ounce of my being that Reuben was still here… But he isnt and this is my new calling… I look forward to still working with my lovely industry colleagues and friends in my new role and I cant wait to share the news when we hit that magic million. Reuben’s Retreat will be something for us all to be so incredibly proud of and we will go on to help families in their hundreds… THANK YOU ALL for your love and support xxxx Nic

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