19 August – New Furniture

19 August – New Furniture

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Today our furniture arrived. We weren’t expecting the driver to “dump” it and threaten his company on the phone to walk off the job if he was made to do anything more than that. You let yourself down, your company down and the company that had kindly donated the 40 items delivered.  Thousands of pounds worth of furniture mishandled after somebody had taken the time to so graciously give so much. But we are Reuben’s Retreat and we don’t do negative here. As we carry out Angels work.  So what you didn’t see, feel or experience …. Sadly … Was the after effects of your tantrum. Support Sally my wonderful colleague and Paul our fantastic site Manager set about moving the smaller pieces inside.

I put a message out too.

Sally’s wonderful Dad arrived and Tracey & Beryl came with strawberries and a Stanley knife. Our fabulous Tarmac-ers Andy & Nathan mucked in and moved the heavy stuff and then our gorgeous gals Amy & Lisa arrived to move and tip every stitch of cardboard they could.

Our butties arrived courtesy of Mettricks and came to ….. £23 👼🏼 no surprise there.

Tracey, Abbie and Karen arrived and soon Paul and Jack, Lisa’s loving family were roped in too. Moving a bed settee upstairs and armchair and TV cabinet. Amazing !!!!!

Today we had camaraderie, we have love, support and many helping hands.

It was tiring but wonderful and we are all fit for nowt now.


Thank you to all that mucked in and made it all come good.  A day we won’t forget in a hurry ….

And never forgetting “halo” our wonderful donators so aptly named.

We love and miss you Reuben and boy do you keep us on our toes
Exhausted dot com 🌈🌻🌻👼🏼🐝

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