19 August – “No tears Sunday, One dream, a miracle for our dear boy Reuben”

19 August – “No tears Sunday, One dream, a miracle for our dear boy Reuben”

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19th August 2012, it was a Sunday………..
Family and God Mummy’s were booking accommodation by the day and the bill was totting up. Reuben’s condition was assessed to the endth degree and the staff and team tried really hard to help him to recover. We would get some ok news followed by bad news, then some relatively good news followed by devastatingly bad news. It was a rollercoaster and a helter skelter mix of worry, devastation and utter hell on earth. One day i said to his lovely nurse Becci, i have been up all night with nightmares and then i had to laugh as they were not nightmares but dreams of my day and how my life was at that time. I don’t know how we got through those days at Bristol, and then i think, yes i do.. my family were committed to Team Reuben and Auntie Rach, now a firm member of the “God Mother’s” collective kept us upbeat… coming back from primarni one day and wearing Olympic knickers with the words “one team, one dream” on them… I have memories of the book we were all going to write that my sister had titled “ 50 Shades of Grief”.. and I will never forget buzzing to get in on the ward and being let onto the ward by Ali in her Xmas pyjamas ( Ali and Jo had stayed in the visitors room and our Rach had slept in the waiting room across 4 chairs all night). The God Mummy’s collective were quite a force to be reckoned with – keeping everyone upbeat and they would go and see Reuben some 4 x a day just to cream his arms and legs and give him their version of physio. We even had “cream wars” as we had 2 types and one preferred the other, always. Cucumber, Aloe vera and Wheatgerm vaseline intensive care. Nurses would comment on the strength of team Reuben and that they had never encountered such positivity before in such dire circumstances and the team even influenced other families with their own very sad and tragic stories…. Another building block towards where we are now….. As I said in an earlier post, we even managed humour in the darkest of times… This day was traumatic for Mike as we were running out of clothes and underwear and Mike subjected himself to a purchase of primarni plimsolls for £3. We cannot thank the family, our Rach and the God Mummy’s enough for the care they took of our precious boy, us and Isaac at such a dreadful time……..

At 254pm I posted ” No tears Sunday, One dream, a miracle for our dear boy Reuben” and this was the photo…….

Thanks for hanging in there everyone, your messages, love, support and comments are greatly appreciated

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