19 August – We are regularly “lifted” by family, friends and support….

19 August – We are regularly “lifted” by family, friends and support….

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We are regularly “lifted” by family, friends and support…. today my post is about our journey once again.. and about being “lifted”……

19th August 2012….
I said to Reuben’s nurse Becci, i have been up all night with nightmares and then i had to laugh at the irony, as they were not nightmares but dreams of my day and how my life was at that time. I don’t know how we got through those days at Bristol, and then i think, yes i do….. my family were committed to Team Reuben and Auntie Rach, now a firm member of the “God Mother’s” collective kept us upbeat… coming back from primarni one day and wearing Olympic knickers with the words “one team, one dream” on them… I will never forget buzzing to get in on the ward and being let onto the ward by Ali in her Xmas pyjamas ( Ali and Jo had stayed in the visitors room and our Rach had slept in the waiting room that night). The God Mummy’s collective were quite a force to be reckoned with – keeping everyone upbeat, providing refreshments including the stalwart supply of crisps… and they would go and see Reuben some 4 x a day just to cream his arms and legs and give him their version of physio. Nurses would comment on the strength of team Reuben and that they had never encountered such positivity before in such dire circumstances….we were committed to getting through the best way we knew how.. with a bit of humour and gathering strength from wherever we could… each other……. they were all rallying round to make sure everyone was looked after… especially Reuben….. We cannot thank you all enough for the care you took of our precious boy and us during this horrible time….

Photos;-  The proud Godparents at Reuben’s 1st Birthday party / Christening & SCBU fundraiser

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