19 December – It is with much sadness that she moved to heaven yesterday.

19 December – It is with much sadness that she moved to heaven yesterday.

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This is our gorgeous Grandma Betty. It is with much sadness that she moved to heaven yesterday.
We have many many fond memories of Grandma, who came to stay with us with Mum Andrea every Christmas since 2006. As Grandma has a very special Christmas Eve birthday, so we always celebrated this as part of our Christmas break. The first year together we took Grandma to the Cinema for her birthday to watch King kong. She hadn’t been to the cinema since E.T The next year we took her to the bingo and WON! After splitting the cash, Grandma bought a new hoover, she hadn’t replaced her old one in about 40 years and found the new one rubbish. The following year Isaac was due and I cooked at home. Christmas 2008 we took Grandma to the Midland hotel for afternoon tea to celebrate her 85th. In 2009 we shared Christingle together with Isaac who accidentally nearly swallowed half a cocktail stick with his jellied sweet on top of the orange and in 2010 we celebrated Grandma’s birthday with the arrival of our darling Reuben and a family meal out. 2011 I made a Christmas eve paella and Grandma loved it. To be with her boys was an absolute joy and she was very giddy on a Christmas morning too.
We were due to attend Grandma’s surprise 90th birthday party on Saturday and we also had plans to see her again on Christmas Eve to celebrate her 90th birthday day.
This was not to be, as she had alternative plans to spend her birthday and Christmas with her darling Jim, her baby daughter, her Son Stuart and her Son in law Bob (Mike’s Dad) and I am sure she was very well received yesterday afternoon.
And then, muscling in through his relatives, a very cheeky faced, happy, gorgeous “cheesy” little man to say, “Hello Grandma, we missed you … Grandad Bob has poured you a snowball and im going to sit on your knee and give you a big sloppy kiss”
There’s one thing for sure, there will be a lot of cuddles in heaven this Christmas.
It won’t be the same without you Grandma, but Im glad that you are in such fine company.
Take good care of Reuben, and tell him that we all MISS him so very very much
Love always,

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