19 November – Feet have not touched the ground

19 November – Feet have not touched the ground

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For anyone new to our cause, you can GOOGLE and many articles, videos and Reuben’s website will appear… or you can read “about” here………..
Wow! Today our feet have not touched the ground and when I got in at 710pm I read text messages from 10am this morning.
This weekend Rach popped by the Yorkshire building Society for a cheque and photo stop, Thank you Theresa. Tilly’s in Bunbury were preparing for a fabulous quiz night, thanks to Nic w and Ali H, raising over £500!!! THANK YOU! I attended the church fair, Thank you Alice, we sold £102 worth of merchandise… Isaac’s God Daddy did tough mudder and raised £1500 and Shahnaz and her lovely WI Ladies raised over £200 with an afternoon tea…. yummy!!!! Thank you Coles family for your donations from beautiful Elodie’s christening too xxxx
Yesterday I caught up from home and today has been an incredible day…..
Sadly, our Santa Dash was cancelled by the organisers, but that’s ok, as the opportunities we are meant to have will present themselves. Plus I say little here about the things that don’t happen, as I prefer to share all that does…..
Early we met Princess Stella to discuss the forthcoming Disney Prince and Princess ball. Sterling Stella as I am going to name her is doing a “Stellar” job and thank you to all that have supported her, especially lovely Lindsay at the Village in Ashton.
Next stop Mrs G called in for cards and we got to see her beautiful angel baby, GORJUSSSNess all cosy in her buggy.
Then I received an incredible call whereby some friends of ours have gifted something TRULY wonderful for our charity…. I couldn’t believe my ears and I am FOREVER grateful Mr and Mrs M and I look forward to sharing photos soon….. over the moon!!!! And you will be too….
Next stop Rebecca and Jane called over to meet us from Virgin media with their plans to put on a May ball….. AWESOME !!! Lovely to meet you
Then we hotfooted it over to the lovely village of Earby to meet the gorgeous gals Angeline and Kath and team from Cottages 4 you. WHAT a MEETinggggg! Fabulous and we look forward to working with them and bringing to you some great deals !!!!
Arriving home I stuck sausage on the grill and we went to collect Isaac from his school disco… full of beans, all his faves were playing and I will leave you with a funny story……….
Last night, Isaac and I wrote a special card out for his teacher… I said to Isaac …. “This is for Miss T, something very special has happened and her boyfriend has kissed her, told her he loves her, bought her a beautiful ring and asked her to be his Wife forever”, to which Isaac replied “ uuuurgggghhhh, he kissed her???? They are getting married? Does this mean they will start sleeping together?” I laughed and said, yes when they are married i am sure they will share a bed…” Isaac looked horrified and said in a loud voice with goggle eyes “ What about his clothes??? Is he going to have a wardrobe and drawers????” ha ha !!! I couldn’t stop laughing and I said “ I expect so…” he said “ uurrrghhh I am never getting married or kissing a girl…”
My wonder boy……..
Last night I got upset as we shared family tea time when he got back from school… I think how things could have been and would Reuben like the same TV, eat the same food? Would they play nice or pull holes out of each other….. we will never know.
But what I do know is that we have an amazing and precious boy to cherish, we have lovely family, incredible friends and that the support we have found through you and Reuben’s Retreat is immense……..
Thank you for being part of our IMMENSENESS…………
Forever Grateful,
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Ps; God bless my friend Julie H whom left the cobbles last night to take on new and challenging roles… we wish you the VERY best !!!!!
(Photo ~ Things turn up every day… many twists and turns to our days in the office… last week i received a call and “Turbo” rocked up… thank you Cineworld and Mrs Georgia…..)

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