19 Sept -Last night we were honoured and privileged to be guests of “Travel Weekly” at their Northern travel trade ball

19 Sept -Last night we were honoured and privileged to be guests of “Travel Weekly” at their Northern travel trade ball

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Last night we were honoured and privileged to be guests of “Travel Weekly” at their Northern travel trade ball. Over 500 industry colleagues made lots of effort to go in fancy dress for this years theme of “Around the world”.
A perfect theme for our chosen charity, as we all donned expertly created t-shirts designed by Karen, of “Around the world with Reuben”……. Photos around a globe, of many of us in great destinations with our wonderful boy.
If anybody is off travelling and would like a photo please get in touch and you too can take Reuben across the world and post it for our FB album.
Our fabulous friends at Travel Weekly invited 10 of us and 2 extra guests were invited by Celebrity cruises.
As a THANK YOU to the team, for all their hard work, I was accompanied by our gorgeous girlies Beck and Beth. Auntie Rach for her dedication to volunteering 2 days a week to manage web shop and merchandise. Lianne and Shona for their support of our PR campaigns and their tireless extra vollie hours whilst holding down their own jobs. Our fabulous Ben came who puts our films together and takes many photos (he missed out on the booth photos, which was a shame, as we don’t capture Ben, he’s too busy capturing us). Sally Anne came who co-ordinates our breaks and support. Neil who kindly volunteers to head up our volunteers. Elvis and his gorgeous Wife Michelle were guests of Celebrity (fabtastic fun-raisers) and my gorgeous friend Sharon came, who will always remain a beautiful friend of Reuben’s and whose hubby we have erased from that gorgeous swim photo we share of Reuben. Ali couldn’t make it as she had a Xmas present commitment to watch “Wicked”….
We were greeted by bubbles and a chance to catch up with fabulous friends old and new.
The theme of the evening was Rockioke and boy did we “rock”.
The gorgeous Lucy invited me up on stage to say a few words so we could “Raise the roof for Reuben”. Our lovely Julie Hes pre recorded a wonderful, infectious and enthusiastic thank you video and we shared aerial footage of our retreat. Sharing, let’s buy a tile for a tenner and help towards opening the retreat as soon as……
A standing ovation, and silence in the room I was blown away by the reaction once again of my lovely lovely industry friends. WOW !!!! Half of the time I had no idea who was or was not there as their fancy outfits were so wild and wonderful……
Then, to raise the roof….. an anthem for Reuben as it was what got us all up dancing as Elvis performed it 3 years ago at Reuben’s first birthday party. We have great footage of dancing with Reuben and friends to ………….. “Sweet Caroline”…………..
Support piled on to the dance floor and we all sang at the top of our lungs so that our darling could hear us on his cloud.
PROUD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This isn’t my charity….. it’s “ours” it belongs to every person that has donated, shared and cared……
I dedicated my career to the travel industry, over 25 years of friendships, memories, fun and loyalty. I was so upset when I left my job in April 2013, yet I feel now like I never left…..
Because……. YOU haven’t left me…. You all remain by my side as we take this incredible journey. A journey to help families with ‪#‎MISS‬ like mine……….. THANK YOU
A BIG THANK YOU to Lucy, Linda, Jen, Stuart, Robin and the INCREDIBLE team at Travel Weekly for your love, support and generous hearts…..
THANK YOU to our fabulous team that came with me to ROCK !!!!
and THANK YOU to my gorgeous travel industry pals, YOU ROCK !!!!
Including pledges over £3k was raised, with more support to come….
Lovely hugs, kisses, chats, messages and mails from you too !!!!
Thank you Peter Dickson, whom Im sure was bellowing “Reuben’s Retreat” in his sleep we badgered him so much !!!!!!!!!!!!
Reuben is at the heart of everything we do !!!
My #MISS is huge, and I never forget, I carry it everywhere with me… and sometimes… my heart is lifted by generous hearts !! THANK YOU for helping me make new and happy memories in Reuben’s name.
Lots of LOVE,
Im now off to chillax with Isaac, as Mummy has a very sore head, poorly throat and is exhausted ……. I blame the South Africans…. their Chenin Blanc last night was so gorgeous………..
travel colleagues, please SHARE and please add your photos to comments too !!!! ………… x

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