19 Sept – My MISS is really BIG today

19 Sept – My MISS is really BIG today

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My MISS is really BIG today…..
So I have just sat down and written to him and shed some tears. Hoping that if I let them go and share that it will make me feel a bit better.
Here goes……….
“My Miss”
Blonde curls
Belly laugh
Gorgeous tummy
Loving Mummy
Funny Dad
Sunshine times
Nursery Rhymes
Story time
Cheesy grin
Laughing eyes
Funny ways
Little Brother
Happy Mother
Eating peas
Dirty knees
Super Son
Loved a bun
And a cake
Now heartache
Missing you
Life unfair
Want you near
To smell your hair
To kiss your lips
And cuddle you
Oh Dear Reuben
We MISS you

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