19th Jan 2013 – “Smile for Ali Reuben” – one of our final photographs

19th Jan 2013 – “Smile for Ali Reuben” – one of our final photographs

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“Smile for Ali Reuben”… We had just returned from our 3rd and final Doctors appointment whilst staying in Gloucester on our way to Devon. We broke our hols up by 2 nights and this was the Saturday night at the hotel before that fateful Tuesday the 14th of August. This would be one of our final photographs. Reuben had started to hold his head to one side and after another bout of sickness the Dr had diagnosed and ear infection. I spoke with Ali and she requested a photo so she could see he was ok…. Ali has a lot to answer for, as she taught him from an early age to “gurn”. I know now looking at this photo what lay beneath that gurn and it makes my tummy turn and my eyes swell with tears….. Yesterday I cried on the train back from London. The warmth, love, support and generosity of spirit in the Grand ballroom on Thursday night was incredible. So many many many friends and supporters of us and our great cause. And then last night i cried some more, as we built up the courage to look at some unseen footage of Reuben from July, our friend Cat had put together a little video clip and its beautiful. Its hard to look at photos, but to see him moving is heart wrenching. My MISS is very big again today….. A medium told me a few days after he died that Reuben had been sent to us to help other poorly children like him… who knows… but I do feel there’s a bigger plan here.. bigger than any of us know.. and you … you there… reading this.. right here right now.. you are a part of it too… Please SHARE…. let’s make Reuben’s Retreat . org a reality…. SHARE / LIKE / COMMENT – thank you – much love Mummy xxxx

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