19th March – Reuben’s brave Mummy

19th March – Reuben’s brave Mummy

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Evening all, Ali here, Reuben’s Fairy God Mummy Forever (FGMF). I have attached a link to an interview that Reuben’s brave Mummy & I from a few weeks ago. For those of you who are overseas, have Virgin TV or Freeview and didn’t get to see i…t can I ask that you watch it & please everyone SHARE this. It will help you to understand the ‘Why – What – How – Where – When’ questions and help raise awareness & ultimately new supporters and pennies. Please stick with it & you may shed a few tears but we hope there are parts that make you laugh as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfzRHgdjyLo The charity is doing well, we are on target which is great but grief is a terrible thing & I had a chat with my lovely friend Mummy today and I know I am doing a lot as many others are but there is one word to describe how I felt today ‘HELPLESS’……………………… My head then went right what can I/WE do to even if for a few minutes help take some of the pain away…. I have looked at the events & I want to encourage every single one of you to do something…..even if it makes £5/£2/£whatever quid – every penny & pound makes a difference. So I have sat with my mate Zoe & we have just come up with this random list by going through the alphabet!!!!! ENJOY & get on it like a car bonnet! Let’s get them events a rolling in 🙂 Aerobics – Baking – Come dine with me – Disco dance – Easter egg text campaign (launching soon) – Fisher Mania – Gurning competition – Hiking – Isaac charges for a brew – Juggling – Karateathon – Loudest Laughing Competition – Malteser Fest – Night Walk – Origami lessons for Free (donations) – Ploughman’s Lunch Party – Queens birthday afternoon tea party – Retro Games Day (thinking Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Connect 4)  – Spoon & Egg Race (AKA egg n spoon) – Tribute nights (ELVIS Leonard watch out)- Underwear on outside of your clothes for a day (similar to dress down yet totally different) – Volleyball Tournament – Wine & cheese party – XMen Fancy Dress party – Yo Down (funky gangster ho down style event) – Zebra Face Paint Day P.S – Watch out for news on ‘Eat Sausage & Mash worldwide day 10th September for Reuben’s birthday & ‘Cake-Fest!!!!!!’ Thanks for everything & we look forward to hearing your ideas too!!!!

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