19th May- Tesco Bag Pack

19th May- Tesco Bag Pack

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9 packers. 6 hours…. Saturday £410.26 ……. 4 pAckers…. 4 hrs. £387.03. Total. £797.29
Thank you….Rach, gill, beryl, Fiona, Julie, karon, dan&gals, Jackie & Felix, Megan, sam, Jacob, emma, Tracy, Abby, Louise, Erin, Martha, Sonia (I really hope I’ve not missed anyone… My head aches its so tired). Thank you all for packing, collecting & raising awareness and thank you all that donated. And to all the special ladies that hugged me and said kind words, you make it better xxxx. And I will leave you with this scenario while I put my feet up…. Went to Reuben’s garden to plant ( thank you IG) and whilst I was digging, Isaac cuffed me with his batman hand cuffs. He couldn’t get them off so I had to ask a lady walking her dog???? How embarrassing. I said, I bet this is a first. She said, wait til I tell my husband xxxx Tonight!!!! Don’t forget the gorgeous simon is on bbc2 – na night xxxx mummy

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