1st January 2013 – 19 weeks since Reuben had that final cuddle with Mummy

1st January 2013 – 19 weeks since Reuben had that final cuddle with Mummy

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TEWSDAY…. 19 weeks since Reuben had that final cuddle with Mummy……I wonder what 2013 will hold for us? I have never really been of fan of NYE but last night’s will be one that I wont forget. A night of mixed emotions. 2012 was the cruellest of years for us, as it was the year that robbed us of our darling precious adorable Reuben. However it was also the year that cradled him for the final 8 months of his very short life. So much to live for and so much to GIVE. So last night, as we shared dinner with our friends Jill & Simon, we discussed our plans for 2013. My plans are as follows…. I hope to work on my RELATIONSHIPS this year, as every relationship I have, has suffered as a result of my heartbreak… so that starts today and my main focus has to be the 2 precious men in my life, whom I love so very very much. My WEIGHT and FITNESS regime?? Regime??? Need some work.. I think I have put on a stone this festive season, its ridiculous and my expanding waistline, loss of chin and cheekbones is hideous… I look like the app “fatified”…. In line with this, i also hope to COMMIT to a sponsored event.. Im liking the sound of the 10k, the great north swim, OR Mick’s Ramble (55miles, 3 days)…. watch this space… At some point I would like to muster the strength and BRAVENESS to sit with Mike and Isaac and watch Reuben’s holiday video’s from last Summer, Turkey in June, Lytham in July and most sad Devon & Gloucester in August. I would also like to give Mike and Isaac the break they need and deserve and try and steal myself away from home to have a holiday… it breaks my heart to leave Reuben’s garden, but I know that’s not a permanent feeling… I look forward to bringing aspects of “my old self” back a bit and enjoy time with FRIENDS… I have fabulous friends and enjoy their company very much. I also look forward to meeting many of our supporters for RR (friends) and making new ones too… I want to hit the half a MILLION this year… that would be AWESOME and I look forward to working with Ali to map out a firm plan to take RR forward… Ali is Reuben’s God Mummy first and foremost and a very dear friend, she has my vision and the LOVE for Reuben to make it happen, and Reuben still has so much to GIVE. In 19 short weeks we have achieved so much, and we have just scratched the surface. So many families will greatly benefit from Reuben’s Retreat. And finally, 2013 will be the year I continue to mourn my boy and HEAL…. I hope that this year brings us PEACE and LOVE and the ability to heal our broken hearts…… Whatever trials and tribulations it brings.. I am ready… and I know you will all help me through. THANK YOU for your continued love and support during this tragic time, and thank you for your commitment to RR and for being a passenger on the Reuben EXPRESS, destination… REUBEN’s RETREAT ~ Much love ~ Mummy xxxx

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