2 March – Tameside Advertiser

2 March – Tameside Advertiser

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This weeks Advertiser column…. serving Tameside and Glossop…..
As we work through week 3 of phase one, you wouldn’t recognise the place. The building is now scaffold internally and the whole centre of the building has been demolished. Whilst the builders are busy removing plaster and walls, we are all scurrying round keeping busy with all that will be happening on the inside.
We are also looking into future plans and assessing where and when our next stages will be.
On the cards too is a huge over haul of our offering, business, vision and goals and I am pleased to announce our second appointment.
Next week Lynne Redmond will be joining us as Operations Manager. Lynne brings with her a wealth of charitable knowledge and expertise and will be very much instrumental in implementing some key funding and support in order to take us to the next level.
I am sure Lynne and Sally Anne will be very happy in their new roles and we very much welcome them.
This week we offer huge thank you’s to Stamford Golf clubs Lady Captain Sandra and all the team for their fantastic fundraising efforts. Last Saturday our very own Beth called to say “Thank you “ and collect a fantastic cheque for over £3,000. Thrilled to have their love and support and a big thank you to all that made it happen.
Also a Thank you to Bodytech at Padfield who have continued to raise for us too.
If you’d like to help us raise for Reuben’s Retreat then how do you feel about attending the Manchester 10k run on the 10th of May? We would love to have you be a part of our incredible team and would welcome you with open arms. For more information you can mail; run@reubensretreat.org or call our offices on 01457 680023
Good Luck this week too, to Denton Golf club and their fabulous fundraiser “Ladies night”, tickets are £10 and still available via Diane if you’d like to go. Call our offices for more details.
We are also looking for some more support for our phase one too? And would welcome any leads or support regarding the monitoring of CCTV.
And finally on a feel good note. I am pleased to share with you that the Cafe Seraphina next door are currently offering a suspended coffee scheme. So if you have a couple of pounds to spare? Please call in and pay for a coffee for someone in need. Or if you are in need of a hot drink and cannot spare the pounds, please call in for a coffee. What a lovely idea. I love it when people “pay it forward”.
We all have the opportunity to leave this world a better place than how we found it.
Thank you for all you do to make this world a little better.

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