2 Oct – Manchester 10K is open for registration

2 Oct – Manchester 10K is open for registration

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Good Evening lovely people,

It’s the 1st October and Reuben’s lovely Mummy has given up crisps for the month #stoptober!

and and and….the Manchester 10K is open for registration!!!! So please lets paint the streets of Manchester with Reuben’s Retreat Runner’s maybe today is the day to stop putting of that run you have always said you would do and start training today! #startober

WE would LOVE lots of runner’s so WE leave this with you now to do your stuff, share, register, grab a few friends, family, colleagues etc to RUN with you for Reuben.

WE can’t take the pain away for Reuben’s Mummy, Daddy & Brother Isaac but we can make them feel a tad better when WE all come together and do something AMAZING like this.

Over to you & yours = BOOMTASTIC results.

Many many thanks & much love.

Ali (Reuben’s Fairy God Mother Forever) XXXX

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