20 July – Gosh! My #MISS is so big at the moment…. so so big

20 July – Gosh! My #MISS is so big at the moment…. so so big

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Gosh! My #MISS is so big at the moment…. so so big.
Earlier today I met with a lovely Gentleman at the retreat, who is going to help out “voluntary” with our building regulations for phase 1. Later I received plans from our “voluntary” support and incredible architect Bill. I am so grateful to be surrounded by great people with big hearts.
As I drove to Mums for dinner I dropped by Stalybridge celtic to say THANK You to the organisers and our volunteers. As i indicated to turn into the grounds Reuben’s funeral song came on the radio… it knocked me for six and even Isaac noticed…. wobble… followed by composure…..
Tomorrow marks 23 months to the day since Reuben moved to heaven. A very significant date……
His gift to us, via our lovely Lianne, an 1130 spot on “This Morning” accompanied by my fabulous friend and our gorgeous patron Julie.
Tomorrow I will do my best to share our tragic life story and our cause with the nation, my focus will be to honour my Sons memory, remain focused and hold it together.
In his memory, I will wear butterflies.
Please SHARE with your friends and family, so they can see what the eck you keep going on about and why………
I hope to be able to THANK YOU ALL, will see how we go……
Early night…..
Thank you to my lovely friends who have changed their profile pictures… much love xxxx

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  1. Jane Roddy

    I saw you on this morning !!! Just to say well done you are soo brave and an absolutely credit xx thinking of you and your family xxxx


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