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4 Sep – Thank You PWC

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An incredible visit to PWC to collect our big cheque !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU to Ewan, Brian the charity team and all at for raising a staggering amount of monies for our cause. Monies raised by running, quizzes, give as you earn, Grand National sweepstake, Xfactor sweepstake, Carols and cakes, lots of cakes and more…

3 Sep – I Hope

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Thank goodness the authorities have seen sense at last…… I hope there are learnings from this…. and I hope some very important questions are asked and more importantly answered… those parents can never get that time back with their precious boy. The action to imprison was abhorrent. I cannot imagine what they are going through….

1 Sep – I cannot switch off from loss

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So as we leave August behind, a month that brings so much heartache, we enter September, Reuben’s birth month.We leave the school Summer holidays and begin a new term, another stark reminder for many Mummies and Daddies, that their Sons and Daughters may not start school, move classes, commence high school. For us, Reuben’s birthday…