20th June – A message to all from Reuben’s FGMF

20th June – A message to all from Reuben’s FGMF

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Hi this is Ali Reuben’s FGMF (Fairy God Mummy Forever) & Reuben’s Mummy is my dear dear friend whom I love very much.

This morning I had a call with a couple of our PR volunteers Shona & Lianne. Lianne is also a good friend of Nicola’s & a new one of mine as that is what Reuben is doing in all of this bringing people together. Lianne has nominated Nic & has shared it on this wall. I am sharing it as sometimes you do not get to see what others have posted as we get lots of posts daily. I will probably get a telling off later for posting this from my lovely friend Nicola but I do believe what Nic has done & continues to do after such tragedy is something to be very very PROUD of.

Thanks to every single one of you for your ongoing support, Nic, Mike & the rest of us could not reach our goal without you and for that we are eternally grateful.

PLEASE – Take time to nominate & please SHARE this with your lovely friends, family & colleagues.


P.S @ Nicola Graham – Luv u burd x

P.P.S This is Nic, Reuben’s Mummy with her Inspiring Womens Award, isn’t she lovely?

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