20th March – Busy days

20th March – Busy days

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Gosh…. another busy couple of days… Monday  I called into Natwest Glossop to thank Natalie and the fabulous team for all their efforts and especially for the £1k donation received ~ keep up the good work Team Reuben Glossop, youre fabul…ous.. afterwards I drove the 92 mile each way to visit the lovely Rik & Stuart in Shrewsbury regarding Reuben’s headstone.  We had a 3 hour meeting about fonts, specifications, colour, design and I am really pleased with how its going to look… the stone is on order and will take 11 weeks, so it should be in place Mid june?  Then I dashed home and up to parents evening with Isaac.  Wonderful wonderful boy, his feed back was great and we are really pleased with him and how he is coping with his immense loss.  He is very secure and settled and very confident.  Above all this, he is a very happy boy and that’s all we ask for.  Its amazing how much your benchmarks move when you are faced with such devastating loss.  I  remember when we got to Bristol and were told the outcome of Reuben’s initial first op… I wanted my boy back and I didn’t care of the scale of the damage that dreadful tumour had done… now, all i ask is for Isaac to be happy.  As some of you may read, Isaac then dropped my phone and yesterday we visited apple at the Trafford centre.  Fabulous staff.  I perused the many (child drop proof????) cases available and showed the lovely assistant my current case ( it holds our family photo from Turkey of the 4 of us)… I explained that the whole visit had made me wobbly… the last time we had been in the store was with Reuben and he played on the i-pad whilst Daddy made his purchase.  It was the 21st of July and nobody could have told us that we would have 3 precious weeks left with our darling boy.  The lovely assistant “Lexy” said what a lovely photo and I explained that the little boy was no longer with us…. she looked and looked again and said.. “Is that Reuben?  Reuben’s Retreat”… wow !!! we chatted an we cried and I felt proud of what we were all achieving in Reuben’s name… WOW !!!!! Today, I saw the mail from Francesca B !!!! wowzer !!!!! her customer promised when she reached target he would add a donation… he did…. £1k !!!  Thank you Thank you ~ how wonderfully KIND !!! xxxx More merchandise has arrived and we now have bands for £1.50 and Sunflower seeds for £2.50 for you to SEND to a FREND !!! (friend)…. the seeds are pre packed in a lovely envelope that has an address section and doubles up as an information leaflet… if there are any colleges, classrooms, assistants, factories, businesses, schools??? That fancy a “Grown some Reuben sunshine” competition, we would be happy to donate a prize… let us know how many packs you need ???  Rachael@reubensretreat.org and we can arrange delivery….  A BIG THANK YOU To my lovely friend Lorraine for arranging all this and for hand wrapping over 5,000 seeds, taking 5 hours !!!!!  ( Thank you Dan, sat next to me now, packing them too…) And today, our pop up stand arrived for our forthcoming exhibition… thank you KAREN !!! you are a graphic superstar….. Im going off to pack more seeds now… please keep supporting and SHARING and purchasing our gorgeous merchandise… soon together we can HIT the £1million and help families suffering the loss of a child…. Lots of love ~ forever xxxx Mummy

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