21 December – We LOVE you Reuben and MISS you at every turn

21 December – We LOVE you Reuben and MISS you at every turn

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ADVENT idea countdown will resume tomorrow as I have lots to share…..
Thank you to Glossopdale for raising at your Carol Service this week.
Thank you Sage Green and Praze for raising an incredible £400+ on your raffle !!!
Thank you PWC for allowing us to judge your mince pies this week (move over Mary Berry) and HUGE Thanks to your incredible choir, what an honour it was to listen.
Thank you Jo and Base choir, another incredible evening of carols and fantastic voices raising £250.
Thank you Great Lever golf club, Captain Barry, Kath and team for your recent FUN-raising and cheque collection this week of £1200.
Thank you to our incredible marketing lady (volunteer) Karen who surprised Isaac this week with a reindeer that lights up !!!! he loves it !!!
And Thank you to our lovely Christmas visitors, and for the cards and gifts as we make our way through some tough days.
We have received some beautiful cards and messages and we are so very grateful.
Today we made our way up to Reuben’s garden with friends and were stopped on the way by a lovely friend Diane. Diane was the lovely lady that arranged our doves at Reuben’s Celebration of life service and also last Christmas. Today she had 2 with her that had not been released and asked if Isaac would like to release them. So we all met up at Reuben’s garden and Isaac whispered a message to heaven…. how wonderful……….
Amidst all this Jo Jo arrived with a message via her Nanna from Reuben. She said he visited her in a dream and was excited to share the news that he had a new best friend “Tom”, that lots of children had all arrived at once and he was showing them all round, and he can now swim… she said he was very happy and sent lots of love. Whether I believe or not, I’d like to think he’s swimming and happy.
One thing is for sure, his garden is now spick and span once again and looks very festive complete with our starry lights
Isaac was talking about Reuben’s advent calendar the other day and said he bets that in heaven Reuben has a big advent calendar and when he opens his last sleep it has a chocolate Mummy, Daddy and Isaac in there…. ahhhh
We LOVE you Reuben and MISS you at every turn, especially the run up to next week…..
THANK YOU for being there for us all

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