21st Jan – We were honoured to be guests at the Travel Weekly’s “Globes” awards night

21st Jan – We were honoured to be guests at the Travel Weekly’s “Globes” awards night

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Last Thursday night we were honoured to be guests at the Travel Weekly’s “Globes” awards night. Myself, Mike and Ali were invited and very well looked after by all the the team. Today the lovely Linda rang me to tell me what their charity of choice had achieved that night. The charity of choice was Reuben’s Retreat and we were very well received. They showed a film put together by our dear friend Dave at production values, followed by a Thank you speech from me. We are overwhelmed on a daily basis by the kindness and generosity of spirit afforded to us and Thursday was no different. Thursday cemented relationships and also opened many more doors for us too. So much to follow up on, so many messages, email addresses and offers of support – INCREDIBLE just doesn’t touch it.. doesn’t seem a big enough word.. we are humbled…. So… today we got our totals… Thank you to everybody that put monies in the envelopes, which came to a grand total of £6292, we will follow up on any messages left on those envelopes… THANK YOU to travel weekly for then adding to this total of a further £5,000 !!!!! and a BIG Thank you to our pledged monies of £6380 which we will follow up on once we receive them. A HUGE thank you to the lovely individual who pledged £2k and I hope you are a follower of our page, but we will thank you soon once we have your details…. gift aided where we can, we have a total of £18k to add to our super total…. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT DONATED ~ YOU JUST TIPPED US OVER THE £200,000 MARK AND 20% OF OUR TARGET !!! Yes folks. !!! in 21 weeks we have achieved £200k !!!!! wow wow wow and super wow !!!! Thank you to each and every person that has SHARED, commented, liked, followed and supported !!!! we are forever grateful and onward and upward to RR ~ we are all achieving great things and the entire project is sprinkled with Angel dust from Dear dear Reuben xxxx Reuben’s Retreat – Relax, Recharge, Remember, Rebuild…. helping families to build memories that desperately need them ….. much love FOREVER grateful FOREVER….. Mummy xxxx

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