21st July – Sweet dreams little man

21st July – Sweet dreams little man

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Oh my love to you will fly each night on Angel’s wings…. Godspeed little man, sweet dreams little man…..

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  1. Jo Shepherd

    Your video was amazing. Reuben was a beautiful child and still will be in heaven. An inspiration. Any mother will feel ur pain but also the love. How can you balance the two? It is very difficult these days to pick a charity as there are so many, all with good causes. This one though i hope i will never need help from, but would love to help. You are a remarkable team.

    • Alison

      Hi Jo

      Apologies for the delay this had gone into our Spam mail for some reason along with a lot of spam mails hence we have just found it!

      Please can you fill in the volunteers form if you would like to help in that way or mail me at ali@reubensretreat.org.

      Many thanks for your words and getting in touch x


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