21st May – 9 Months Today

21st May – 9 Months Today

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Today marks 9 months to the date without Reuben. 9 heartbreaking months, full of a bucket load of MISS. I MISS him with every beat of my broken heart and wish with all my being that things were different. I would have swapped places with my darling boy in an heartbeat. 9 months since our final cuddle and three quarters of a year with a quarter of our family gone. I have had a very “weepy” day again today and I am so very sad…….

And then I am lifted by Sunday’s run and all the good that is coming from Reuben’s charity.

Today I met up with Sarah and Ali at the Virgin money lounge to discuss Sunday’s run.
The VIRGIN MONEY LOUNGE ~ KING ST ~ MANCHESTER is our base for Sunday’s run. PLEASE head there before you start for your WAVE should you need to leave bags and also collect your wristband, and a little something so we can cheer you along….. Water and bananas supplied by the gorgeous Kerry (photo) who has been incredibly supportive of our cause.

Thank you marathon running Sarah B for collating the relevant information via our events page and via email and for arranging payment and post of all the vests and t-shirts.

WE have 23 LARGE running vests left to purchase complete with the text campaign and a photo of Reuben £12 WE also have RR t-shirts available from small through to XXL and if its too late to post, we can bring Sunday, just let me know;- mummy@reubensretreat.org It would be nice to see you in a Reuben t-shirt so that our supporters can cheer you along….

The next 5 sleeps, my posts on HERE will take you through, HOW, WHERE, WHEN…. I really look forward to seeing you all and today we mapped out the route, worked out the finer details and I will post each night.

So, for now…. If you wish to meet us at the lounge, Ali will be there from 830am until after the final wave returns which is the PINK wave assembling at 1125 for a 1230 GO !!!!!

Mummy xxxx

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