22 April – Signs

22 April – Signs

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Tonight my post is about ‪#‎signs‬ dedicated to a lovely friend who I have just been “what’s apping” in Cyprus, you know who you are 😉

I hope this post brings comfort to all those with “miss” in their hearts, please feel free to share it with anyone you know that is hurting right now.

On the 13th of March a gorgeous friend of ours “Angus”, sent a photograph of a street he had passed on his way to a RR run – “Reuben st” I thought, do you know what, if I don’t capture these signs I am going to forget so many of them. And bet your bottom dollar, we get at least one a day. Many shown as Reuben’s #23.

You’ll see a snapshot of the 60+ duly noted since 13 March.

Lots of table 23’s… Lots!
Ticket 123 to the ball
Car parked at 12:23
The car Reg on the motorway R5 BEN
Appledore paint (the village we stayed in Devon when Reuben left for hospital )
Marathon numbers adding to = 23
Aircraft seats and baggage carousel #23
My nephew visiting the zoo, Reuben the penguin
Room numbers, locker numbers #23
Rainbows on special occasions
Restaurant bills on special days
Lambs numbered #23
Sweet Caroline played at funny times

Today’s was Rachael’s 10k number arriving =23 ( that’s the second time it’s happened to her) and me walking into the child minders and sweet Caroline playing.

They are only a breath away, we just can’t see them, touch them, smell them, feel them or talk to them and get a response.

It leaves a great “miss” in our hearts and sometimes we don’t know how we will ever survive it.

But we do ………

Because they shadow our every step and speak to us in new ways, a new language, never far.

Sending my love to all holding their miss and I hope you get some signs too, knowing their love never ever fades.

Lots of love

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