22 July – Easyfundraising

22 July – Easyfundraising

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A message from one of our supporters “Karen Doyle” …. she loves seeing her numbers go up .. how much raised for Reuben’s Retreat £££££££
It costs £ NOTHING but makes a huge difference to us ….

“Hi all – I’ve just raised £4.95 by booking a cheap room at a Travelodge for 3 nights…. imagine if all 44,000 of us did that? even once or twice a year? wow – the money we’d all make!! JUST by clicking “yes” when the question “do you want to make a donation?” comes up on our screen… please please download this and start raising money the easiest way possible… by shopping (not running, or jumping from a plane) smile emoticon You just set up (not with your card details!! nothing like that) – just setup on the website and it then knows when you’re shopping at a shop that does give donations .. it’s the simplest thing ever – please do it xhttp://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/reubensretreat/…

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