22 June – Manchester weekly news column

22 June – Manchester weekly news column

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Last week’s “Manchester weekly news” serving thousands of homes across Tameside, Glossop and beyond……

June is proving to be one of our busiest months ever. Especially when it comes to challenges. Last weekend saw challengers climbing 15 of Snowdonia’s peaks and our friends Jordan, Mollie and Rachael swimming in Lake Windermere .This weekend we receive a fantastic team of cyclists to the retreat. They have all cycled from Deal in Kent to Glossop and the 6 strong team have a combined age of 372 years. They will each cycle 305 miles and have raised thousands already. I know you will join me in spirit when we congratulate them personally as they arrive at the retreat in Glossop this Saturday. A big thank you to Mettricks and Glossop cricket club for the warm welcome that our cyclists will receive. Talking of cycling challenges, on Friday, Jason Lowe of Equilibrium also starts his 350 miles across 4 days as he cycles from Geneva to Nice. His company are match funding too, so a big thank you to Jason and his company Equilibrium. Good Luck everyone.
Also Good luck to those competing with Danny’s event this weekend, KO promotions and a very big Happy 2nd Birthday from all of us to the fabulous charity Mummy’s star.
Thank you also to Chris from Anchor removals , it was lovely to meet with you. Thank you Barclays UK at Over peover for your fundraising last week and for the warm welcome. Thanks to the Moravian women’s association and our runners that have called by with more sponsorship. And a thank you on behalf of ourselves and Mark. Mark was running in Saddleworth last week when he was stopped by a white car and asked was he running for Reuben? As he was wearing his run vest. The driver then promptly handed over a note to add to his sponsorship pot and wished him well. What a fabulous story to share. The warmth and generosity we encounter every day is wonderful. Did you see our feature on Granada reports last week? If you missed it you can catch it on our facebook page. Again I talk about how great the british public are. We wouldn’t be where we are today without such kindness.
We have been blessed with lots of kindness at our retreat and also for our new office move in Ashton too. We are looking forward to hearing back from Tangent about our office furniture and this week we met with Nigel from Corletts interiors, who is hoping to be able to support the refurbishment of our new counselling suite in Ashton. Thank you Nigel.
Our retreat is coming on a treat and this week we met with a local landscape gardener, more on that to come, as we concentrate on the inside finishes now. We are waiting for the windows and final plans are all coming together with a view to it being completed next month. Our kitchen, donated by TKC is nearly finished and the worktops from Universal granite look fantastic too. Manchester flooring have been supported greatly by Polysafe and the floor is now laid in the downstairs bathrooms and upstairs bathroom too. The costly gas meter has now been removed, the roof is nearly finished and a lot of the scaffolding has been removed. Inside the decorator has started to paint, and we are just finalising some incredible digital artwork and notice boards with our wonderful support Zipp design in Hyde.
This week I look forward to meeting the Glossopdale ladies from the WI and we wish our friends at TUI Good Luck as they bag pack at Handforth Dean.
This weekend I hope that everyone has a lovely time with their Daddies. I spare a thought for my darling Mike as he celebrates Father’s day with great “miss” in his heart, combined with great joy at the love for our gorgeous boy Isaac. Happy Father’s day Mike, we love you very much.
I spare a thought for all those who also have miss in their hearts this Sunday and we also send our blessings to one of our families, as they come together to remember their boy in heaven too. We are all thinking of you and hope that your day is gentle one.


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  1. Mark Prickett

    Hi Nicola, thanks for including the story about the driver in Saddleworth; I hope he sees it so he knows how much it meant. Mark.


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