22 May – Runners

22 May – Runners

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What an incredible, amazing and exhausting couple of days it has been …….
After one of the most challenging work weeks I/we have ever had, I’m exhausted.
Suffice to say that yet once again the Manchester 10k has been the most exhilarating experience ever !!!!
I cannot wait for the “official” photographs and thank our own Ben, running with his go pro, Ian cover mini and great run and our fab Nigel at the finish.
The day and weekend has held, tears and laughter and in true Manc style, rain !!!!!!
Soggy to the core, on both days, we managed to find the sunshine……. Always.
I am so touched, proud and overwhelmed by every single person that has been a part of this weekend, it matters more than you’ll ever know. Reuben’s never forgotten and his retreat will help so many families with great miss in their hearts. Never more apparent than this year, having more Angel Mum’s running for their Prince & Princesses.
Many signs too, letting us know they are together and near and conspiring for brighter futures.
You did great today!!!!!!! All of you ……
And it warms my achy heart.
Lots of love
Thank you for being a part of ‪#‎reubensjourney‬
Lots of love

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