22 November – “ Its a good job we had him isn’t it Mummy”

22 November – “ Its a good job we had him isn’t it Mummy”

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Gosh what another manic week!
I haven’t been on my computer for a couple of days, so apologies If you are awaiting responses to messages, comments or mails.. I hope to catch up asap.
Busy bees we have had another incredible few days. Ali and I have had 2 great days in the office working through lots of plans, we have had a fabulous volunteer work with us for 2 days “Vanessa”… We had a meeting with our PR guru Lianne, we have attended the Kidz up north event, we have attended a gala and witnessed a Gent lose his 20+ year old Magnum Moosetash and so so so much more that I forget…. Tonight we have our musical friends coming together for an incredible concert for Reuben to mark their 10 year anniversary, tomorrow we have our fabulous ladies Katie and Debby in Ashton Ladysmith centre, tomorrow night we have REUkulele night in Greenfield and Sunday we set up our Grotto running for 3wks from next week………..
Its all good and all very busy and our volunteers and support are incredible.
I have had a couple of “weepy” days and I am doing my best to get through….
Sometimes the MISS gets too much and today the tears just spilled over again. I wish with all my heart he was here… Isaac is speaking of him more and I just heard him singing “what does the fox say..nnnnnn what does Isaac say.. he says, Reuben is my Brother and my friend and I love him very much, nnnnnnnn” Ahhhh, bless him…. he must really miss his buddy….. but through loving and having Reuben in our lives, so much will change and I love my boys very much…..
And as Isaac says “ Its a good job we had him isn’t it Mummy”
Would I do it all again to have this pain……… in a broken heartbeat


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