22 Sept – I want to thank my family and every single friend I have

22 Sept – I want to thank my family and every single friend I have

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We have just returned from a lovely weekend away with friends. Fresh air, walking, fine food, great company and wine…..
We are very blessed with our family and our friends and we have a really strong support system.
A lot of people have said to me this past year, I bet you have really found out who your friends are haven’t you. I have and to be honest, every single relationship I had suffered under the strain of losing Reuben. Losing Reuben lost a little bit of me too and times have been and continue to be so very tough. But do you know what…. I don’t feel let down. I have some lovely friends and I dont feel let down by any one of them. Some have been more supportive than I could have ever thought possible, but every single friend has been there for me, for us.
I have also found new friends. Friends that have suffered loss like us, friends that have found Reuben’s Retreat and want to help, friends that have reached out to us at a time when we so desperately needed it……
some time ago Carole got in touch and wanted to help our cause. Reaching out to a family she had never met and did not know, and wanting to help a little boys charity whom she had never met, but loved. Today, Carole and Tracy put on a fantastic craft show for RR at Waddesdon manor “Love & Ladybirds” a unique craft fair for an angel. They put so much work into it and I want to say Thank you!!!!
I want to thank my family and every single friend I have for being there for us throughout this tough time.
I appreciate all you have done and all you do.
And THANK YOU to all that worked hard to raise funds this weekend, we had a lot going on and I appreciate every one of you..

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