22nd February – Quarter of a MILLION Pounds

22nd February – Quarter of a MILLION Pounds

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I have wonderful news to share with you tonight… We are on track.. its still going to take some “doing” and we have a long long way to go.. but do you know what this little fella has done, this amazing angel, this loving, wonderful and happy soul, has got us to a QUARTER of a MILLION pounds in 6 heartbreaking months !!!!!! To each and every one of you SUPPORTING, helping, donating, fundraising, baking, walking, swimming, running, shaving, waxing, eating, reading, spelling, talking, car booting, raffling, singing, dancing, liking, partying, karaoking, kick boxing, cycling, cooking, selling, making, sewing, crocheting, knitting, card making, designing, painting, tweeting, film making, posting, commenting and SHARING, along with so very much more…. to each and EVERY person that has shared our story and made a difference we say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.. from myself, Mike, Isaac, Angel Reuben and each and every member of our courageous and beautiful support team, a HUGE GREAT BIG WONDERFUL Thank you!!!!! WE couldn’t do this without you…. Reuben’s Retreat is one big step closer to opening it’s doors, to making life better for so many. There are over 22,000 here on FB and if everyone raised £33 we would be at our £1million.. wouldn’t that be wonderful…. our £250k has some larger donations in the mix, but over £190,000 is regular donations from warm, kind and generous folk like you !!!!!! This is what WE as a nation are really GOOD AT !!!! pulling together, knuckling down and making it happen…We are doing this… TOGETHER !!!!! in it for the long haul…… Forever, Mummy xxxx ( in Ali’s words…. BooooOOOooossssSSSSSSHhhhhh) Over all a bittersweet week, and a sad time for us, but better for having had him in our life and world xxxx God bless you darling Reuben

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