22nd Jan – This is Mike, Reuben’s Daddy

22nd Jan – This is Mike, Reuben’s Daddy

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Good evening….this is Mike (Reuben’s daddy) here. I don’t write on here as I don’t really “share” my emotions. But, I thought as Nic is in the “big city” of London I would share my day with you. OK, so I dropped Isaac off at school, and went to visit a lovely cruise call centre with fantastic staff who always try and keep me positive. However at lunchtime I received a phone call from Nic to say school had called and they wanted someone to pick Isaac up urgently, as they thought he had scarlet fever. Nic is the calm one and I’m the panicker so I rushed to school, made an appointment to see the doctor, and luckily found out Isaac has slapped face syndrome. So he will be back in school tomorrow after spending the afternoon watching Looney Toons and two DVDs which Father Christmas delivered…..Lego the Adventures of Clutch Powers and He-Man. Isaac had a great afternoon with a hot chocolate and duvet on the settee whilst I was taking calls and catching up on emails.
So there you are……I also just wanted to say how INCREDIBLE my wife is, for doing what she is doing in the face of such adversity, we will TOGETHER, this is ALL of us reading this, achieve our goal of raising 1 million pounds in 23 months, open Reuben’s Retreat and most importantly help families who will be able to create some special memories during a time most parents would like to forget. Yes, I MISS Reuben, Yes I cry every time I see him moving on video…..
Only this weekend Cat, our wonderful friend, sent over a link to watch, of our last short break away with Reuben -a special kite weekend in Lytham the month before He moved to heaven, it feels like torture seeing him because I just wish he was upstairs in his cot now. I will forever treasure the 23 special months with our Reuben the Cuban, but for now thank you Isaac for keeping me going……xx

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