23 August – Happy Birthday Reuben’s Retreat

23 August – Happy Birthday Reuben’s Retreat

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2 years today since we launched Reuben’s legacy, Reuben’s Retreat. Thank you to all of you for helping us on our new journey, for your love, support, messages #FUNraising & everything you have done to help us purchase our retreat by helping raise over £1million in 23 months! Thank you.

Last night family, friends old & new came together to Remember Reuben & what a beautiful evening we had, emotional, but beautiful.

The evening began with some beautiful words from Reuben’s brave Daddy, then the amazing Musical Friends sang some wonderful songs for Reuben followed by a guided meditation from Kath our lovely friend from The Seraphina Centre in Ashton & we all choose a jewelled bead that later in the evening was transformed into a magical wind chime for Reuben’s garden by Georgia, Sarah, Linda, Rachael & little people. Our amazing patron Julie Hesmondalgh has written some words from the heart accompanied by beautiful music from another lovely lady hopefully we will share this with you in the near future. Reuben’s inspirational, loving Mummy then talked about signs from Reuben, we believe he is close leading us on our journey, Mummy gave some lovely examples & then shared the poem below with us, somehow she got through, doing her boy proud as always. Isaac then sent a message to his brother in heaven with the help of some beautiful doves from Diane. The Musical Friends then performed Let it Go from Frozen as chosen by Isaac for his brother & friends & then continued with a Disney medley for the children. Thanks Stephen (FGMF brother) for the photos.
Thank you to all of you for making the evening so memorable for a special angel we are #forevergrateful XXXX

Thank you to all who came to the evening some travelling from afar xxxx

Tonight we leave you with a few photos from the evening & as always Mummy’s beautiful words.

On behalf of Nic, Mike & Isaac Thank you so so very much xxxx


Do you send the butterflies?
that dance along the lane
Do you send the memories?
to ease the hurt and pain
Do you send the numbers?
that mean so very much
Do you send the feathers?
so light and soft to touch
Do you send the songs?
that Isaac sings within his sleep
Do you send the heartache?
that makes Mummy stop and weep
Do you send the birdies?
that visit our garden grown
Do you send the rainbows?
that are clearly above and shown
Do you send your love?
in all its wonder and glory
Do you send ideas at bedtime?
for Daddy to read his story
Are you still close Reuben?
Does your journey carry on?
Do you sit and watch us be?
Our darling loving Son
Are you close, but we cant see you?
Are we just a breath apart?
Are you kisses on the wind?
To help ease our broken heart
Stay close our gorgeous Reuben
as we trawl this desperate road
easing the heartache and the hurt
of this heavy laden load
send signs for us my darling
let us know that you are near
and we will look for them Reuben
and keep them safe with us here

Mummy XXXX

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