23 December – MISS at Christmas

23 December – MISS at Christmas

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Im going to log off now until after Boxing day.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas…. and for all those with “miss” in their hearts like us, I wish you a peaceful one, with some sunshine moments.

Last year on Christmas Day we gave Reuben his very own website…. this year I have written a poem for him… feel free to share with anyone who has “miss” in their hearts too….

MISS at Christmas – by Mummy

As Christmas day gets nearer
Your bauble hangs on the tree
Your cot and bedroom empty
As you sit on an angels knee
Looking down on Mummy and Daddy
And Isaac getting older
The nights are dark, the weather crisp
The days are getting colder
Our decorations adorn the house
Your stocking hung up proud
Your Big Brother very giddy
Shouting “2 sleeps!!!” very loud
As Daddy wraps the presents
And writes labels for toys and games
He gets upset sad and angry
As none of them bear your names
We MISS you every day
Every minute of every hour
And especially when the fun stuff happens
None of which within our power
To change or make it better?
We cannot, we carry on
The days all tinged with sadness
As you have left and gone
So as you look down from your fluffy cloud
And smile and blow a kiss
Be sure to know Dear Reuben
That our hearts are full of “miss”
And wherever you may be
And whose looking after you
Make sure they spoil you Reuben
As much as we would do

Forever loving you,

( photo: sleepy head July 2012)

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