23 December – Day 23 0f 23 REU-FUNraising Ideas

23 December – Day 23 0f 23 REU-FUNraising Ideas

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REU-FUNraising 18 to 23 of 23 days of FUN-raising ideas;-

18 – REUyears day – Pick your own day of the year to give up something you crave and raise sponsorship
19 – REUwine n cheese – “CHEEEESEEE” and wine party with colleagues or friends
20 – REUzany day – Come up with safe but Zany ideas to raise the cash, “nobody must be harmed in the making…”
21 – REU the heck are you? dig out old baby photos and run a competition to see “whose who?” all put in £2.30 each and the winner take a £prize and donate the rest
22 – REUBber duck race – Organise a duck race and go “quackers”
23 – REU23 – A significant number to all at Reuben’s Retreat, make it count in some way, shape or form…. give on the 23rd? bake 23? (eat one??)

Just some ideas to take us through to 2014 when we hit the £magic …..

Lots of LOVE


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