23 Feb – TODAY is a very significant day

23 Feb – TODAY is a very significant day

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Today I headed over to Denton to meet with the Gents that are offering their architectural expertise and vision, the Ladies with design inspiration and ideas and the generous Mr construction. Croissants, coffee and ideas in abundance were the “order of the day” and as we sat and discussed and worked through our plans and ideas, Im pleased to say that we have taken our project to the starting blocks. Over 3 hours we were there and the time flew.
TODAY is a very significant day – it marks 18 months since our charity launched. What a MILESTONE and we never expected to be sat around a table in such a short space of time, acquiring our property and working through plans.
We are at the tiniest of stages and Reuben’s Retreat is already taking shape and looking pretty blinking amazing….. hold onto your hard hats pardners…….
Just a few more queries with both solicitors and we are good to go…. Keep your EYES peeled and your EARS open as we hope to offer OPEN DAYS for everyone to come along and share their ideas and comments.
Whilst we were busy bees working through, our fantastic friends, supporters and volunteers were on day 2 of Tesco Glossop bag packing and also at my wendy house for a toy sale.
Raising much needed cash and spreading the word.
THANK YOU to each and every incredibly generous person that gave up their time this weekend – we cant do this without you and we are super grateful.
PLEASE continue to comment, LIKE and SHARE our page so that we don’t lose you, but also so that we can reach your friends and friends of friends and more friends to make friends for Reuben’s Retreat.
I hope you feel PROUD of being a part of something truly wonderful.
We hope to have phase 1 of Reuben’s Retreat open by late Summer………
keep sharing

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