23 Jan – Fab news to share with you

23 Jan – Fab news to share with you

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Today I have fab news to share with you. Delivered on the 23rd, a significant number for our charity.
Last year we took over 40 volunteers through our training and policies.
We have had and continue to have some incredible support.
Late last year I spoke with Ali and we agreed that we needed some more support in our office. Support on a more permanent, routine basis. We needed another full-time bod, especially as we move closer to our purchase of Reuben’s Retreat. The charity has got bigger and is a forever project, we needed more hands on deck…..
In November after volunteering many hours, Becki came forward to offer her help during office hours.
She volunteered her time of 2- 4 days a week whilst seeking employment to support her newly obtained degree.
It soon became clear that Becki was confident, happy, thoughtful, kind, considerate, and had many skills to bring to a new charity like ours. Becki worked hard and smart for a number of weeks and nothing was ever too much trouble.
She fit in really well and I am pleased to share with you today that Rebecca Heron has accepted a position with us as “Charity development Executive”.
I am sure you will join me in wishing Becki all the very best in her new career and future with Reuben’s Retreat
Incidentally, Becki has a special birthday which is another significant date to our charity…..

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