23 January – Brother’s love

23 January – Brother’s love

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Awwwww we’ve had a lot of Reuben talk this morning at breakfast…. He has even set a place for his little Brother, something he’s never done before.
I’ve asked if he’s ok …. He is … He says ” I just miss him a lot Mummy”
Isaac’s journey of “miss” will shift with age … It will shape and change and all we can do is embrace it and be open and honest.
He’s happy and giggling over his sausages … The sausages were a big hit this morning … So I know that all is good in his little world 🌍
Fabulous, wonderful ray of light. He brightens our every day.
Ps:- Reuben would have needed a place mat … Although there wouldn’t have been any food on the floor … Loved his food that boy 😘💛

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