23 Mar – Advertiser Column

23 Mar – Advertiser Column

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Here you go……
Last weeks Advertiser column, serving 90,000 homes across Tameside and Glossop ~ for anyone that missed it !!!!

Spring is well and truly in the air by now. It has prompted me to plant at Reuben’s garden. Isaac didn’t want to come, he wanted to stay at home and watch “telly”. I said to him, “There’s little I can do for Reuben, there’s lots I can do for you. I know you miss him like I do and to plant at his garden and make it look pretty means I can do something for him and I know you understand that” to which Isaac replied, “Can’t you just pray for him or something so we can all stay home and watch telly”. Isaac always has a solution. How he makes me laugh. On Mothering Sunday Mike asked him what three things he loved about Mummy? To which he responded, “She let’s me watch telly, she gives toasty hugs and she is a good cooker”. Give me the boy until he is Seven and I will show you the man. I think we have our man right here and I doubt that little will change to adulthood. There’s a telly theme for sure and that leads me nicely to our next piece. By now you may have seen our feature on “This Morning” with our lovely Julie Hesmondhalgh. A great piece and a full 6 minute audience on ITV. Great awareness and sharing for our cause as well as a chance to see the size of our entire project. If you missed it, it was aired on the 13th of March and will be available on ITV player until this Friday. Phase one is well underway and should be open by May of this year. We then need to chip away at the next phases, money and funds dependant. If you’d like to support then please get in touch, our office number is; 01457 680023. And if you’d like to rally your office troops and drop us a text donation for a get together, quiz, dress down day, cake sale or similar, you can text donate any time anywhere to; 70070 and text BUIL23 £3 (or similar). We also have tickets left for our fabulous comedy night at Broadbottom cricket club on Saturday the 28th at a cost of just £7. This is the second time Jenny has arranged this and it promises to be another great night, please come along and enjoy the laughter. A big thank you this week to our lovely volunteer Doris and her fabulous coffee morning and a huge thank you to the wonderful travel industry and all that attended the Geordie ball last week and managed to raise just over £4k. We are also thrilled to be their chosen charity for next years ball too. A great opportunity once again to show how far we have come. This weekend I take our wonderful musical friends around the retreat to show them what their incredible fundraising and amazing talents and voices have raised. We also wish the golfers luck at Glossop Golf clubs “Captains drive” this coming Saturday and Sunday.
This week I Lynne and Sally have spent a couple of days in Hampshire at a house similar to what our retreat will be. It is the second time I have visited and Jane and the team are a fantastic support to us and have become great friends. Their charity is called “Sebastian’s action trust” and their retreat “Bluebells” offers incredible accommodation, hydrotherapy and play for up to 4 families a week. They also have an outreach programme and hub supporting local community. Our trip was a wonderful illustration for our team to see what our tangible goals are and to see the difference we will make to hundreds of families. Jane and the team currently support over 400 families across many UK counties. If you’d like to know more about them, please take a look. On a final note the Manchester 10k is only 7 weeks away and we would love you to join our expanding team of runners, Please get in touch.

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