23rd Jan – Let’s get more passengers on our train – choo choo!

23rd Jan – Let’s get more passengers on our train – choo choo!

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Let’s get more passengers on our train ~ choo choo !!!!
Mike had an appointment with Apple. He could not find the photos of our kite weekend in Lytham (July) or Dean Forest and our final photos of Reuben in Dean Forest and Devon. Apple couldn’t find them either and when the software was loaded they didn’t appear on my laptop. No point ranting as the bigger picture in all of this is we haven’t got Reuben and so nothing can hurt or upset more than that. So I just said, I’m sad and that was that…. and then… Mike came walking in to the office and said, “Take a look at these Nic, are these them?” and sure enough… “Nobby” as he is affectionately known… had stored them in a file on the 27th of August… yipeeeee !!!!! Nobody could expect him to remember as it was only 6 short days after we lost our darling boy…. so good news is we can finish our Lytham video and I now have more “recent” photos to share… they are our final photos, but they are truly wonderful and we have them…. jam jar tight in our hearts and minds we have our sweet memories…. and tonight we looked at photographs that we had not looked at in over 20 weeks…. did we cry???? You BETCHA !!!!!! Please keep commenting, Liking and please continue to SHARE our sad but hopeful story of loss…. so that when we open Reuben’s Retreat, we can help Mummy’s, Daddy’s and siblings that will also cry a lot and have a bucket load of MISS xxxx Forever ~ MUMMY xxxx (look Mummy & Daddy I love CAKE)

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