23rd June – Reuben is bringing people together from all walks of life

23rd June – Reuben is bringing people together from all walks of life

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Wow! What a weekend !
It all kicked off with Andy B leaving for Paris on his bike. Then we waved off the incredible team to Llandudno on Friday night and got home at 1am. Yesterday Ali and I dropped by the “Waterloo Tavern” in Ashton who were having a fun day ~ thank you team, when my Sister left last night they already had over £1k in the pot – amazing !!!! Thank you Hazel, Gwen and the team and the ladies from visions hair and beauty for the beard, head and eyebrow shaves ( If you see a man walking round waterloo with no eyebrows, shake him by the hand, those brows raised £40 for RR) then Ali and I headed to M&S for our special picnic for the party. I bumped into an old friend which was nice and a lovely lady I had never met before stopped me to say what a great job we were all doing and that she was a supporter. We made up our picnic and headed for Julie & Ian’s garden party. Amazing couple, winners of all star Mr & Mrs and all round nice, genuine, warm and kind friends. They put on a whole host of entertainment and booze and friends are asked to make a donation to their chosen charities. Julie chose 3 this year. I am so proud to share with you that she chose RR, and also she chose THe S.O.P.H.I.E Lancaster foundation and Alex Williams, believe and achieve meningitis trust. Sadly Alison Alex’s Mum couldn’t make it but Sylvia Sophie’s amazing Mum did and it was an absolute honour and pleasure to meet her. THANK YOU JULIE & IAN for your hospitality, generosity and kindness, its an honour to know you both. Boy am I suffering today though…….
Then this morning Ali headed of to Stalybridge carnival with our Audie volunteers to collect for RR ~ thank you to the organisers for choosing us.
Whilst all this is going on we still have our fell walkers, walking their 4 day challenge, I bet there are some sore feet and paws by now… fantastic team!!!!
And whilst all that’s happening too, we have team 3 of our cycle challenges this week ( oh yes !!!! 3 teams in a week ~ amazing) as the team from Jaguar Land Rover hit the streets of Manchester to Liverpool. Thank you Richard, Sarah and team ~ watch this space as I post of their efforts too ~ amazing people…..
Reuben is bringing people together from all walks of life, from all different corners of the world and in my best Cilla voice, there’s a lorra lorra good coming from our little fella, a lorra good! God Bless you my beautiful boy, Mummy misses you very much and wishes things were different, but these beautiful people you send us, helps us along the way ~ God Bless xxxx Mummy

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