24 April – THANK YOU for taking the time to write

24 April – THANK YOU for taking the time to write

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This was sent through to my lovely Mum in law today – THANK YOU for taking the time to write something so beautiful and with such compassion….. Mummy xxxx

Andrea – sending this privately for you and your family.
Not been a lot of help in fundraising – but watched your family cope with this in such a dignified manner I just had to put down my thoughts and hopes for you all in celebration of your incredible achievement. Bless you all x

A family distraught
Lost a piece of the jigsaw that cannot be replaced
Take solace now as well you ought
His memory will never be erased.
We all know Reuben and won’t forget
He came and left in the blink of an eye
He left behind a footprint of love
And now his memory will never die.
Reuben’s Retreat is the gift he leaves
And ten thousand smiles as he waved goodbye
The family will ease the burden of others
In the name of their angel in the sky.
We know by choice this would not happen
And we praise your strength and dignity
We feel you loss, your grief and sadness
And pray for your tranquillity.

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