24th March – Heading Home

24th March – Heading Home

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Just on the train, heading home from a hectic weekend in London.  Not quite the weekend away that Mike would have planned with the Wifey, but nevertheless we got to spend some time together and 2 lovely meals out.  Thank you Kelly at Virgin… for the tickets!  Thank you Tony (Isaac’s God Daddy) for the use of your apartment.  A HUGE Thank you to Karen our graphic designer for donating her time and efforts on creating us the most fabulous stand for the Daily Telegraph Cruise show at Olympia.  Thank you Karen! You are one lovely lady!  So Mike and I have spent the last 2 days hosting our stand at the event.  Nobody could have prepared me for the mix of emotions.  Some passers by were quite rude and ill-mannered when they discovered we were a charity but  I put myself out there and I have to take the rough with the smooth.  Despite this, it did give me anxiousness in my tummy and a tenacity and drive to purse the 2 days that I had put myself forward for.  It made me realise that for all we had done so far, supporters knew about Reuben and our cause… it has taught me some valuable lessons and given me a wake up call that I didn’t need, but was doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Whilst we attended Saturday, my lovely Sis and friend Gill arranged a bag pack at Asda Chadderton. Thank you to each and every lovely person that helped and thank you Asda and your lovely customers… raising £390 !!!! Whilst Asda bag packers were in action, the lovely people of Lancaster drank coffee with my Mum in law Andrea and raised a whopping £418. Whilst everyone was doing that… you were all busy “hooking up” with 2 brand new groups put together in 2 fabulous regions of the country. Whilst you were all doing that, we were busy at our stand and got a visit, signed t-shirt, photo and a tweet from the gracious Sally Gunnell OBE.. hey!!! You thought she was fast??? No flies on RR…. Saturday night the handsome couple that are Mr & Mrs Alex Buckle held an 80’s “mash up” for RR and Ive just seen photos of an adult Reubicks cube… REUBicks…. Mmmmm another thought there??? Sunday my dear and lovely friend Ash came to help us on the stand and we bumped into Shrek and kung fu panda? Diane Brown in the meantime was running a half marathon for RR in 2hrs 30 – HUGE thanks !!!! So all in all a really good weekend. THANK YOU auntie RACH & MARC for having our gorgeous Isaac !!! we are on our way to get you Mstr Wonderful.   Thank you HANNAH, JO R, MICHAEL E, SONIA for giving us the opportunity to attend and for mentioning RR in your address…. Thank you the ENTIRE RCCL team for making us feel so very welcome and for taking the time out to see us too. And a BIG THANK YOU to all the lovely people that passed by and gave us their time of day, advice, suggestions and monies…….. Onwards and upwards – we love and MISS you forever Reuben – please keep shining down on us and helping us learn to live without you on earth – MISS – forever Mummy xxxx

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