25 April – Please SHARE this great news

25 April – Please SHARE this great news

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Things to do Wednesday 23rd of April;-
1) Insure a big house
2) Buy a big house for Reuben’s Retreat
3) Cry happy sad tears
4) Go to the pub and eat sausage & mash to celebrate
5) Cry achievement tears
6) SHARE great news with supporters
7) Cry some more
8) Get the key to the big house
9) Have a leaky eye
10) Get a SELFIE of us in the retreat

Please SHARE this GREAT news as so many have missed it….. For every person that has helped some way in us achieving this major milestone, please SHARE this with great pride and tell all your family and friends what you have done and are doing for us… have a smile in your heart to have been a part of Reuben’s incredible new journey. Our vision to make a teeny tiny part of our world better in his name.
We still have a LONG way to go to renovate this beautiful building and restore it to its former glory of 1889.
We need YOU more than ever
Lots of love and forever grateful for your LOVE and support – Im off to do some FUN-raising with Isaac and 2 smashing lads tonight who have played a part in this too.
Have a lovely weekend,


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