25 October – Reuben had chicken pox…..

25 October – Reuben had chicken pox…..

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In June 2011 we took Isaac and Reuben on one of Celebrity’s ships, “Eclipse”
We looked forward to a 14 night Med cruise.
Sailing from Southampton, we enjoyed the ships facilities as we made our 3 day voyage down to Gibraltar.
Then, something happened……….
As we awoke in the lovely port of Gibraltar, Mummy opened the curtains and greeted Reuben in his cot and……….. YIKES !!!!!! “Morning spotty… uh Oh!” Reuben had chicken pox…..
We were confined to our cabin for 10 whole days and never got off the ship again until our final port of call “Cadiz”.
We used to take turns to care for Reuben in our cabin and to entertain and eat with Isaac on the ship.
We brought a high chair down for him, toys and the shower became a very good source of entertainment too.
He never went off his food, no surprise there.
And despite it all, he remained cheery and placid and good fun to be with.
Parenting has its ups and downs and holidays are no exception.
LOVING and MISSing him as always, such a gorgeous boy
Thank you for continuing to help our cause, so that we can provide families with much needed breaks, and to help Mummy’s like me, with their broken hearts and MISS
Love Mummy xxxx

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