25 Sept – Today was a special day in so many ways…..

25 Sept – Today was a special day in so many ways…..

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Today was a special day in so many ways…..
Another manic day at the office.
A special day for 2 Bob’s. Our friend Bob called into the office with a present for us. Today is Bob’s birthday and he brought us a gift, a printer!!!! Its amazing and Ali was thrilled like it was Christmas.
Thank you Bob & Tracey and Happy Christmas!, I mean Birthday !!!!
Later we had a camera man here and a reporter interviewing us for some news that we are able to share later in the year.
The lovely Stephanie asked me how Reuben had affected the lives of others and tonight I “share” with you the letter from a lovely Mummy.
• “I can’t concentrate today….. Having watched fairy tale…. I needed to write this personal message…. Having followed your story for some time, commenting on many posts, I feel my heart ache for you grows stronger and stronger each day. Today is the day…. im stopped in my paths, snd can’t stop thinking of your gorgeous reuben. I’m blessed with my own two gorgeous children, that I thank god for and am eternally grateful for. I find myself ” putting myself in your shoes” in which I’m overcome with an abundance of pain and tears, I can’t Evan begin to imagine the heartache, loss, miss you must all feel….Your gorgeous Reuben is just perfect. I wish so hard that things were different for you, I wish he was with you. I’m so humbled by your journey, and overwhelmed by your courage and strength. Like many…. I want to help, help you, help others in making Reuben’s retreat. I may live hundreds of miles from you, down here in the south (dorset) but I need to help. I myself am an emergency nurse, and often find myself involved with heartbreaking circumstances, but Reuben story had shown me grief like I have never felt before, for someone I have never met! From one mummy to another…, you are a truly amazing, inspirational lady, my admiration for you is huge….. Biggest mummy hugs to you…… And so on to my help….., I’m off to hunt for fundraising ideas…. God bless you all x x x x x”

We have another fabulous Mummy In Bucks, who has met with another fabulous Mummy to create a fantastic fundraising event. And many more fabulous and wonderful people doing similar up and down the country.

Tonight I dedicate this post to my late Father in law, that sadly, never quite got to be my father in law as we lost him to that dreadful C in 2005 aged just 52 years young. We MISS you BOB, we wish that things had been so very different, but understand that you had a big job to do getting everything ready for our boy wonder to join you up there for cuddles, fun and tickle torture. I hope that you have both managed to eat cake today and have lots of fun together. Happy Birthday Bob Graham, a true Gentleman like his Son’s and Grandsons.
Much love,
Ps; the image is for Stephanie, Cheryl and Tom with LOVE ~ Thank you for today, special people xxxx

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