25th May – ‘I am proud of what we are all achieving in Reuben’s name’

25th May – ‘I am proud of what we are all achieving in Reuben’s name’

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Ok….. final update.. I hope you are alcohol free and carbed up runners !!!!
Before I start tonight’s post I just want to say, that I am so thrilled and proud at what we are all achieving in Reuben’s name.
I wish every single runner tomorrow the VERY best of luck! enjoy it, be proud and BEAM at every camera with a HIGH 5 for Reuben!
The run is being televised and is on BBC2 tomorrow ~ set to RECORD! and spot a runner on TV?

Points so far;-
1) BAG’s can be left secure at the Virgin money lounge on King St ~ bananas and water available
2) Support will be on the Bridgewater viaduct leading to Chester Rd
3) Spot a RUNNER & Tweet ~ best tweet/post wins a prize
4) I will be up from the finish line near the Gt Northern, providing I don’t get moved on ( I have a flag and a whistle…!!!)
5) TEXT all your friends and family ~ BADGER !!!!

If you are NOT running but would like to support, or if you have a loved one that you think would like to TEXT donate a few quid?????
Text to;- 70070 RUNR01 £5 ( can donate anything from £2 – £10)

Finally, Please “SHARE” this post and please join me in wishing every runner GOOD LUCK !!! IF you are running for REUBEN tomorrow, COMMENT in ONE WORD and describe how you feel tonight………..

Forever GRATEFUL ~ Im leaving you a photo of our number 1 runner ~ Isaac loves you to the moon and back and way way way beyond the starts DARLING Reuben ~ He misses you very much

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