26 April – Reuben’s Daddy Here…

26 April – Reuben’s Daddy Here…

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Hello everyone, Isaac & Reuben’s Daddy here…….

I love my job and all the wonderful people I get to meet on a daily basis, but ask me to talk about Reuben on a face to face basis – how I feel about losing him, sharing my feelings, so many emotions run through me and it’s very difficult to express them
I have honestly come to terms with what has happened and know things will never ever be the same again
Isaac is our first born child ( 6 years old ) and Reuben is our second ( he would have been 3 years old now ) – we will ” hopefully ” be lucky enough to spend lots of years seeing Isaac grow up to be a fine young gentleman. Reuben, even though he isn’t here in person, is talked about every day and he will ALWAYS be in our thoughts every day

I am so proud of everything Reuben’s Retreat has achieved to date, but it is difficult to balance this with the constant reminder that Reuben isn’t here, when he should be….he should be playing with his big brother Isaac right now

BUT getting the keys to Reuben’s Retreat this week is a moment I shall never forget……I am so proud of what we, TOGETHER have achieved in 20 months

Now we need to start work on renovations, so if possible please help me ?
It’s just 3 weeks to go until I run the Manchester 10K on the 18th of May…….to say I’m nervous is a bit of an understatement
Am I fit – NO
Have I watched what I eat / drink and stopped the beer / wine / crisps / chocolate ? NO
Have I sprained my knee which put me out of training for 2 weeks recently- YES
Do I have the stamina to see me through to the end of the 10K – YES…..I am definitely going to drag myself over the finish line

I would class myself as a non-runner, however today I completed my furthest distance so far – 6K in 45 mins.

I’m no Mo Farah…….I just want to DO it for Reuben and to raise much needed funds for Reuben’s Retreat

But I need inspiration for songs to run to…….these are my Top Ten
Will.I Am – #That Power
Sebastian Ingrosso – Reload
Chicane – Poppiholla
Ellie Goulding – Burn
Avicii – Hey Brother
Empire of the Sun – We are the People
K-Klass – Rhythmn is a Mystery
Rebecca Ferguson – I Hope
The Killers – Human
Flock of Seagulls – I Ran

So what’s your favourite 3 songs to run to ?

Reuben was 23 months old when we lost him so if you can spare 2 or 3 pounds I would be very grateful by clicking the link below

And THANK YOU to so many of you who have already sponsored this 40 year old runner, who hasn’t run since cross country senior school aged 14 years old and came second to last !

THANK YOU to each and every one of you – TOGETHER we will help so many families………Daddy x


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