26 June – Pleased to SHARE some great numbers with you today

26 June – Pleased to SHARE some great numbers with you today

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Pleased to SHARE some great numbers with you today, so that you can see where your monies are going and what our priorities are. It’s also great to see the difference that we are making in such a short time… we are building on this and in time, our reach will be huge….. I always say that at Reuben’s Retreat we spin casserole dishes, not plates…as we have many areas to work on and in…..
Our priority has got to be fun-raising, so that we can renovate our incredible property, but we are also keen to support as many parents and families as we can………….
23 months, our aim is to hit the £magic
36 bereavement books have been sent across the UK
2 UK breaks have been taken by our beneficiaries
7 more families lined up to match to breaks (awaiting referrals)
20 more breaks to be matched
2 counsellors on board
1 counselled parent through the programme
4 going through our counselling programme
30 rail ticket packages donated for our families
7 months (fingers crossed) until we open phase 1 at RR
A number of day trips secured
Here is a photo of just some of the words we have received this last few weeks.
I cannot begin to tell you the changes that are happening and the good that is coming from our work each and every day.
YOU are making a real difference to people’s lives and we are only just scratching the surface. When the retreat is open, we hope to take around 200 families a year………
Please SHARE our work, so that we can raise more awareness and funds, to get us to our goals.
Thank you as always,

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