27 April – BatMOO & SpiderMOO

27 April – BatMOO & SpiderMOO

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Daddy says “THANK YOU” to all that supported, commented, donated, liked and shared ……. believe me he’s no sportsman, so your support means a lot to him.
So while he was pounding the treadmill, I was pounding the many walkways of the Trafford centre as I went to get Isaac as suit for a wedding we are attending, more on that to come as its a beautiful story….. so I met my lovely friend Helen and on the list was hat, shoes, presents, bag, suit for Isaac, and to COLLECT TWO incredible pieces of work from “Caroline Shotton” which we are saving for our movie room at Reuben’s Retreat. “BatMOO and SpiderMOO”
I would like to thank IAN from the Hawthorn Gallery who has been a fantastic support and great great friend throughout our MISS and champions many projects for us including “Sausage & Mash” which you all know is very close to our hearts as elements of it feature on Reuben’s beautiful headstone. S-Mash is available to buy in person or online at the HAWTHORN GALLERY in Stalybridge. Thank you Angie, we love S-mash so much and Thank you Caroline, for your love and support too it was such a pleasure to meet you yesterday
Ian, Angie, Caroline and Lyndsay, THANK YOU All for being a part of Reuben’s new journey.
We are forever grateful and you bring comfort to our MISS

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