27 July – Manchester Weekly News Column

27 July – Manchester Weekly News Column

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This weeks Manchester weekly news ……
Thank you for your support!

A warm welcome to the latest addition to our team, Rachael. Rachael joins us this week as Office Manager, taking our employed team to 4. We are all looking forward to an extra set of helping hands. Another whirl wind week last week with lots achieved.
Big thank you’s to our friends in the travel industry, in particular Travel 2 and the Global travel group, our friends at Advantage travel centres and our lovely friend Sandy Murray for her support once again at this years Yorkshire travel trade ball.
On another travel note, with a difference, we wish Eugene good luck. Eugene, our neighbour from Glossop is aged just 16 and is currently cycling from Lands End to John o Groats with his Dad Duncan. Raising for us along the way, what an incredible adventure. Eugene got in touch last week from the Lake district with over 450 miles under his belt. Wow.
Also thank you’s this week to the Woodford court social fund, James Drakeford, Pearson’s butchers for donating sausages to this years sausage and mash pie, Avis and Chesworth housing, Gabrielle and Niki from New charter housing for their match funding, Carmel church, Max Wieland for his reporting support, the Barclays initiative and Christine for the hats.
As the Summer holidays approach we have some dates for you. The Seraphina holistic centre are hosting our 3rd birthday party for the charity, please come along and support on the 23rd of August, there’s lots to do for the children too. Also as we celebrate Reuben’s 5th birthday on the 10th of September, we would encourage you again to eat sausage and mash and post the photographs to us on twitter and facebook. In conjunction with Bradleys bakery, we will also be the pie of choice for September as Mark busies himself with baking many sausage and mash pies.
We are also running a “rucksack appeal” and would love for you to get involved too. Reuben won’t be starting school this September, and so as a family, we would like to support a boy aged 4 make it to school in Africa. All in Reuben’s memory this lovely idea came from our friend Father Simon.
If you would like to be a part of this too, please drop by our offices in Ashton with your rucksack this September. Your rucksack needs to be labelled for a boy or girl aged between 4-12 years old and contain;- Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, spoon, ball, pencil crayons, eraser, pencil, notepad, sharpener, pencil case, towel, clothes to suit age (shorts or skirt, t-shirt, dress) with flip flops or sandals. No sweets, toys or liquids as this makes things awkard at customs. We will then add a Reuben badge and postcard from here. And you will have helped a little one make it to school in memory of our boy. If you live further afield and cannot drop your rucksack to our offices in Ashton, call us on; 01457 680023.
Thank you for all you do and more and please get in touch if you’d like to volunteer across the Summer.

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