27 March – Today Beck and I visit out first RR family

27 March – Today Beck and I visit out first RR family

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A very painful photograph…. This is the first trip we took without Reuben. It had been booked months before for Reuben as there were no cars, leaving him free to run around and walk lots…and also there were birdies which he loved and ducks too. It was the trip that we were to take with his loving God Mummies, for precious time and memories and we left for the trip exactly one month after Reuben moved to heaven.
Although painful, they are still precious memories. Precious time with Isaac, rebuilding our broken world.
Reuben had many trips away and we have lots of photographs and videos to look at when we MISS.
Today Bec and I visit our first RR family, who will take a break in June with their little boys. Precious memories for them to keep locked up tight in their hearts and minds forever.
Breaks are so important and family time is so special.
We are honoured to team up with Cottages4you for special breaks. Every break booked, we receive a donation. Helping us in our journey to open those doors of Reuben’s Retreat. Easter is approaching and there’s lots of availability.
Please take a look at what’s on offer and remember to take Reuben’s photo around the world with you, wherever it may be.
See Reuben’s RTW albumn too.
Special times await you, CLICK ;-www.chooseacottage.co.uk/REU
Much love

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